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Chris Law


Meet Chris Law, a true Ottawa native who grew up in a laid-back neighbourhood alongside his parents and older brother. From a young age, Chris found himself drawn to the rebellious beats of aggressive music, which set him apart from the other kids and created a sense of distance.

But rather than let that isolation get him down, Chris embraced his love for metal culture, channelling his energy into playing the drums. High school became a whole new world for him as his drumming skills brought him into social circles filled with fellow music enthusiasts and talented individuals. Heavy music became the soundtrack of his life, immersing him in its culture and aesthetics, and it was only a matter of time before he developed a deep fascination with tattoos.

Life took an unexpected turn when the pandemic hit in 2019, shaking up Chris's comfortable routine in the hospitality industry. With work becoming unreliable and the days feeling quiet, he yearned for a change. That's when his fascination for tattoos reached new heights, becoming an intense obsession that he couldn't resist. In his newfound isolation, he discovered a passion for digital design and began seriously honing his drawing skills in 2022, all with the ultimate goal of becoming a Tattoo Artist.

Despite lacking formal art training, Chris's relentless pursuit of tattooing as a goal, coupled with his close relationships with talented tattoo artists who had adorned his own skin, fast-tracked his journey into the world of tattooing. His signature style embodies realism with a profound influence from gothic and dark subject matter. Chris strives to prove to himself that he can make his mark in the world of art that has shaped his life so profoundly. It's a journey of self-expression and a relentless pursuit of excellence that drives him forward.

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