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Does your shop do piercings?

No, we do not provide any piercing services or laser tattoo removal.

How do I book a tattoo at your shop?

To book an appointment with us, you'll need to contact your preferred artist directly through the links below.


Anthony Black  - Book Now

PJ Eagle - Book Now

Chris Law - Book Now

Aida Robbins - Book Now 


How much will my tattoo cost?

Many factors are considered when looking at the price of a tattoo, including the artist, style, placement, and size. Some of our artists offer a day rate covering tattoos from 5-9 hours. Reach out to your tattoo artist directly to discuss the price of your next piece.


Do you accept guest artists at your shop?

We absolutely do!  If you are interested in completing a guest spot at our tattoo shop, please email us at with your Instagram account and the dates you are interested in.


Do you accept walk-ins?

No, we are an appointment-only tattoo shop in Ottawa/Kanata. You will need to contact your preferred tattoo artist in advance to be confirmed for an appointment.


How can I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Come prepared for your appointment by eating a big breakfast before arriving.  Drinks (coffee, water, juice) are complementary and will be provided to you at the shop.  Wear dark-coloured clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.  Ink may splatter and will stain your clothes. ​Try not to tan the area where you are being tattooed.  Any scars, wounds or allergies should be disclosed to your tattoo artist in advance of your appointment. 


Why do I need to provide a non-refundable deposit to book?

A deposit is required to confirm your appointment booking and can range from $50-$200 depending on the artist and piece. The deposit ensures that the client will attend their scheduled appointment and is non-refundable.  If you need to reschedule your appointment for any reason, please contact your tattoo artist directly at least 48 hours before your appointment.  If you provide less than 48 hours, you will lose your deposit. 


How do I take care of my tattoo after the appointment?

Your artist will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions during your appointment. You will also receive a detailed aftercare sheet to take home with you.  Your tattoo will go through a few different stages of the healing process.  If you have any questions or concerns during your healing, please contact your tattoo artist directly.

What’s the minimum age to be tattooed at your shop?

All clients must be at least 18 years of age.  We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with a parent or guardian.  Please be prepared to provide a photo ID at the time of your appointment.

What style of tattoos does your shop do?

Our tattoo artists in Ottawa work in a variety of styles, including realistic black and grey tattoos, neo-traditional tattoos, illustrative tattoos, traditional tattoos, fine-line tattoos, script tattoos, small tattoos,  dark realism tattoos and colour tattoos. 

I have a referral program card.  What do I need to do with it?

Check out our referral program here

If you have any additional questions, please email us directly at

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