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Ethan James


Meet Ethan James, a true-blue South Islander hailing from the stunning landscapes of New Zealand. Art has been his passion since day one, and he's been riding that creative wave right through the years. University days saw him diving deep into visual art, setting the stage for what was to come—a full-blown love affair with tattoos and skin.


When he's not busy making masterpieces, you can bet he's the life of the party, cracking jokes and just being an all-around chill dude. He's got banter for days and a laugh that's downright contagious.


Ethan has been tattooing since 2010 and has tattooed in many different styles during this time. Traditional, neo-traditional and realism might be his sweet spots, but he's up for anything you throw his way.


From the tiny town of Timaru to tattooing folks worldwide, Ethan's journey is just beginning. He’s turning ideas into art, and hey, your story could be next on his canvas.

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