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Nikki Charbonneau


Hailing from a small town outside of Barrie, Ontario Nikki's journey took her from these humble beginnings to the bustling heart of Ottawa. Here, she began post-secondary education at Carleton University, emerging with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology. But that wasn't the end of her pursuit of knowledge and growth.


Nikki's insatiable curiosity and desire to expand her horizons led her to Algonquin College, where she delved into the intricacies of Human Resources Management, earning herself a post-graduate certificate. With a decade of retail experience and her academic toolkit in hand, she set out to conquer the professional world.


Her path led her through diverse landscapes, including the glitz of television production to manufacturing, engineering and U.S. defense. For years, Nikki's expertise in Human Resources and recruitment brought her into different industries, where she left her mark by crafting dynamic teams and fostering workplaces where people could thrive.


But life is all about chapters, and in 2021, as the world grappled with the tail-end of a pandemic, Nikki decided to flip the script. Taking a leap of faith, she bid farewell to the familiar and dived headfirst into the realm of ink, art, and management. Drawing inspiration and support from her husband Anthony, she co-founded Black Label Ottawa, a venture that would channel her passion into a whole new canvas.


Nikki's journey has come full circle. From corporate offices to the intimate world of tattoos, her story exemplifies the beauty of embracing change and the power of carving a unique path. As the doors of Black Label Ottawa swung open, Nikki's narrative entered an exciting new chapter—one where creativity, entrepreneurship, and a love for the art of tattoos converge.  

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